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AJ Studio was born on 15th September 2006, in a small living room in the tiny country of New Zealand. But really everything got started back in the 80s, when a toddler spent all day drawing all over the walls and floors... And it never stopped since then.


Alice started learning art at the age of two and a half, in oriental traditional brush painting, sketching, life drawing, watercolour and oil paiting, digital design and animation. 


Winning her first prize in traditional Chinese painting at five, winning the number one golden cup across all age groups in the national art competition at ten, achieved New Zealand Bursary scholarship in both painting and print making at the age of seventeen. Exhibited in various galleries in New Zealand since 2005.


She graduated a four year bachelor of fine art from the internationally renowned Elam School of Fine Art, the University of Auckland. Although trained academically in filming, video editing, script writing and web design at tertiary level, she has never changed. That is, have more than 1071 ideas before breakfast, constantly drawing and painting to stay sane, invest all her spare moment in her passion- teaching art & design and writing for children.


Alice has designed and illustrated for various international fashion labels, worked on numerious art and design projects for books, award winning iPhone/iPad UI designs. She launched her own designer giftware label Little Dot® in 2008.


She divides her time between reading, sleeping, dreaming, laughing, imagining, drawing, thinking and writing. Alice lives with her two children, whom have no doubt are her constant source of inspiration and joy, and her beloved husband (whom also is an award winning product designer in his former life in South Korea) in Auckland, New Zealand.

Check out some of Alice's published works below.

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