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  • What equipment does my child need to bring to class?
    A beautiful smile and a good attitude! Other than that, a nice A4 folder will come in handy to keep all your class learning sheets that you may recevie each time you come in.
  • Are materials included in tuition prices?
    AJ Studio provides exclusively high quality art supplies from local and overseas manufacturers. This includes but is not limited to: watercolour paints, charcoal, high quality markers, coloured pencils, pastel, oil paint, clay and much more! All of the high quality equipment in the studio is available for the child’s use to complete the lessons and to develop and explore on their artistic endeavours. The only workshop you may need to purchse art supplies for are Clever Canvas oil painting class and Super Matisse sketching class. Please head to 'Shop' or contact to place your order.
  • Does my child need any previous experience?
    AJ Studio provides a multitude of lessons at varying skill levels. From beginner to expert and everything in between. We first assign your child to a lesson based on their age then determine which course would be most effective in their artistic development.
  • Am I required to stay during my child’s lesson?
    We encourage all gurdians to stay and participate for children who are 5 and younger. And we found if your child is 5 and older, he/she will enjoy the session with much ease witout your. But we do understand your concern, you are welcome to stay for a few minutes at the start of the lesson, then quietly exit; or come in 5 minutes before the session ends, and find out what are the fun things your child has been working on! Please do note that all tutors are not using their mobile phones during working hours, if you have urgent request, please ring us at 09-216-3539.
  • When do I drop off/pick up my child?
    Arrival: So that your child can enter a workspace that is primed for their learning, we require the student to arrive to class no earlier than 10 minutes before the lesson is scheduled to start. This is to allow the staff to tidy after the previous lesson to ensure the best environment for them enjoy their lesson. Pick up: We require the students to be picked up promptly after their lesson to allow the staff to prepare for the next class, so that the following children can enjoy a well prepared workspace as well. Pick up later than 20 minutes, after the scheduled lesson is finished will incur a $20 pick up charge for each 15 minutes after the lesson to supplement the staff and resources. Please note that no children should be left downstairs alone, or waiting for your car outside, it is for the safety of all that you try come in and find your child. Also as many of our staffs do have back to back lessons, it would be impossible for us to walk your child to your car after each session. If you are in an urgent situation, we are more than happy to help, please call us at 09-216-3539.
  • What happens if my child cannot attend a class or misses a class?
    If your child is sick, and you are able to provide a doctors certificate we are able to schedule a free make up lesson for your child on another date. If your child misses out on a lesson without a doctors certificate, your child is able to schedule the one free make up lesson on another date. If your child misses more than one class, we charge $20 for each recurring make up lesson for the staff and resources.
  • What equipment will my child need to bring to the Lab lessons?
    Your happy self, a drink bottle, and an A4 folder where you can keep all your learning sheet in. If you are attending coding lessons, please also bring your fully charged laptop, charging cable in case your device runs out of battery, a note with necessary password for your child if he/she is sharing it with your or siblings. Please make an effort to name all your belongings. The studio cannot be responsible for the damage/loss of any of your property, include any of your digital devices.
  • Will my child require previous experience to attend the Lab lessons?
    No. We have a range of workshops suitable for beginners. Just pop in and see one of our clever lab tutors, he/she will help you figure out which level of class would be best suitable for your child's age and level.
  • How old does my child need to be to attend the LAB courses?
    For Lab explorer 101, the minimum age is 4. This is our entry level course at the Lab.
  • What your Refund Policy in a nutshell?
    For the fairness of the other students and staff of the classes at AJ Studio, we have a no refund policy. Our workshops are constructed based on the number of students enrolled prior to the start of the term, and have the appropriate resources allocated to accommodate the optimal learning experience for all of the children in the course. To ensure the resources [staff and equipment] can be maintained for the duration of the course, payment for their use cannot be refunded, so that the remaining students may continue their learning and development that they paid for. In the event of Covid-19 restrictions, workshops will resume at level 1, level 2, all workshops will move to online learning at except art 101 and explorer 101, with credit that can be carried over to when once lockdown restrictions return back to level 1 and 2. No refund can be issued if you decide not to participate in online lessons.
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