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What is it like to be a real designer?

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

Our art students get to be real designers on real jobs!

8 Atelier students spent 2 days in the recently opened children's furniture store KizHouse in Epsom.

“Art is in everything we do. Art is what we live in!” Said AJ Studio’s founder and creative director Alice Yoon. “And this is exactly what KizHouse is all about!” Echoed Rose, co-founder of KizHouse.

Auckland’s latest premium furniture concept store KizHouse, created by the beautiful force behind the much beloved and followed KizClub on Nuffield in Newmarket.

“With this new concept store, we’d love to add a splash of colour and design in our shop interior, to further showcase our value in uncompromised good design, in the furnitures and other children’s products we select.” Said Robin from KizHouse

KizHouse was fortunate enough to have some of the most talented and hardworking young designers from Little Atelier™ at AJ Studio, to come into our store, to see what our new retail space looks like, to hear what we were looking for in the designs we need for the toy space. We asked these fantastic junior designers to design what’s uniquely theirs to add the ‘Kiz’ into our ‘House’.

This amazing collaboration between Little Atelier™ from AJ Studio and KizHouse had sparked everyone’s imagination for this space. There were heated discussions right on our shop floor, among the little designers, about the lighting source, ambience, telling little stories of quality, design and furniture through every little bit of their drawing, how they can through their artworks, bring KizHouse’s grand story of love, design and great functionality to our customers.

We were impressed with not just ideas from these children, but their dedication as well. From learning the basics of interior design, to first drafts, asking owner questions about the store, and final painting on the wall, everything was incredibly professional, and the result is just stunning.

KizHouse would like to warmly welcome you to visit this special place, snap a photo or two in front of our newly designed wall and enjoy what we have on offer here.

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