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Creative Lab Coding- Extraordinary Earth

Yay holiday- time to explore our amazing mother earth! And we will venture out of space to see our solar system, with the help of some cool computer codes though!


This amazing exclusive online Livestream workshop will cater to new and experienced coders, with a touch of science. Why learn the solar system by memorizing it, when you can code them into fun games?


Time to put down your iPad and make your own games for all to enjoy! 


Why play games on your iPad when you can create one? This project is a great way to start thinking about logic and how important maths is!


This special workshop is available exclusively online. All sessions are live teachings via zoom, please prepare a working laptop and/or iPad. 


Session dates are:

Monday, Tuesday, 11-12 October, 2.30 pm - 3.50 pm, Friday 14 October 10 am - 11.20 am


Bookings on the day is accepted, please email office confirm your booking.

Creative Lab Coding- Extraordinary Earth