Lab Explorer 101

The 40 minutes fun session is specifically designed for 4.5-6 year old who love tinkering the bits and bobs and figuring out how things work!

How does the traffic light work? Let's make one! How does the door bell work? Let's make one! How does the Jack-in-the-Box work? Let's make one! And by the way kids, this is called prototyping!

Hands on fun process encourage children to think creatively, use hands-on experience to make sense of the world we live in, learn basic programming and electronic circuit knowledge in our Little Lab™ and have loads of fun learning!


2020 Term 1 Lesson Dates


SAT Class: 11 Lessons, Saturday 1 Febrary - Saturday 11 April

Lab Explorer 101

Session Time
  • 2020 Term 1 Duration: Monday 3 February - Sunday 12 April

    Total Number of Lessons: 11 Lessons

    Time Length: 40 mins

    No parents supervision required.

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