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AJ Studio is all about imagination, passion, innovation, entrepreneurship, and fun interactive learning experience. We are dedicated to nurturing and growing the next generation of leaders for the ever-chaning world that we live in. AJ Studio was founded by Alice Yoon in 2006, it is the home to Little Atelier™, Little Lab™ and giftware label Little Dot ®.


Since 2006 Little Dot ® has produced lines of giftware collections that are being sold in the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand. Our wonderful characters Lulu and Henry are being loved and celebrated across the globe, with plush dolls, and their very own lines of merchandise such as stationery products, picture books and apparels.


Our love and passion for art and children have led us to Little Atelier™, New Zealand's first and only art program for children as young as 2.5 years old. Each program is catered for children's age and skill level, introducing master painter artworks with a touch of art history, not only do we teach artistic techniques, we also focus on creative thinking and art literacy.


After seeing and talking with parents who value education, and yearning for their children to learn skills and knowledge for the ever-changing world, that's filled with constant technology innovations and economic uncertainty, In 2015, AJ Studio  launched the first and only STEAM program for children as young as 3.5 in New Zealand- Little Lab™, a hub where we focus on the teaching of coding, robotics and 3D design  to the young minds, to encourage the integration of science + technology + engineering + art + math = STEAM, transforming learners from technology consumers to technology innovators. 


AJ Studio is Little Bits™ official patner in New Zealand. Little Bits™ is a platform of easy-to-use electronic building blocks for creating inventions large and small, which had been featured in The New York Times, TIME, Wall Street Journal, TED, Ellen Show, Fox, CNN etc. It's won multiple international awards such as Parents' Choice Gold Award, IDEA Gold Award, and Makerfaire Educator Choice Award.

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