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Over the years, our distinctive blend of creative visual art, design, and technology has not only assisted clients in achieving their goals but has also matured gracefully. We have recognised the paramount importance of creative thinking and problem-solving, taking proactive measures into our own hands.


Alice, upon becoming a mother, sought art classes for her 18-month-old daughter, only to find a deficiency in available services. Determined, she opted to teach her child at home, resulting in a collection of artworks adorning the kindergarten's walls. Word spread about this unique class during parent and teacher meetings, leading friends to request playdates. Some even offered financial support for art supplies.

Organically, what started as a single class blossomed into—a creative community catering to hundreds of vibrant learners, both online and in-person.


The platform now features a learning app facilitating continued creativity through post-class quizzes, certificates, and further interaction with tutors in the online space. The initiative has attracted an exceptional group of dedicated creative tutors, reflecting on their own growth and expressing a desire for a resource like ajstudio during their formative years.


Today, is a testament to Alice's genuine passion for integrating visual art and technology in education.

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