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Our Story

AJ Art & Design was born in a small apartment on Gore Street in Downtown Auckland back in 2006. Alice, a young fine arts graduate from the University of Auckland, faced a challenging period when a sudden shift in her family member's health and financial circumstances compelled her to abandon her conjoint degrees. Opting for a more extended, four-year degree in fine arts, Alice made a determined choice to specialise in visual art and design, leaving the intricacies of the business side of learning for the University of Real Life.


As a rare blend of creative genius adept in both design and technology, Alice has a track record of designing and developing e-commerce sites during the era of CSS and Javascript (no need to guess her age, but if you must know, it predates the iPhone era and when Dreamweaver was thriving!). She collaborated with engineers on app developments and engaged in commercial product designs spanning children's products, fashion accessories, stationery, and food.

Today, backed by a team of creative geniuses, AJ Art & Design stands as a dynamic force dedicated to crafting enduring stories that consistently tug at the heartstrings of audiences through powerful and creative means.

Interior design, mural, restaurant
Interior design, mural, cafe
Interior design, retail
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